Transformer/Hawk HF2000 Lancia Stratos Replica


Unfinished Transformer/Hawk HF2000 Stratos Replica – Group 4 body. Located in Mesa, Arizona. (Phoenix Area)

We (private auto collection) purchased this kit from/through a specialty shop in Texas in August/September of 2000. It was purchased in the level of completion that it is currently in. Other than washing/cleaning it, we have not done any work on the vehicle. We got the vehicle here to Phoenix, AZ and it immediately went into storage, where it has been for the past 15 years. In August of 2015 we pulled it out of storage to assess current condition and decide what our plans were for the vehicle. After taking everything into consideration and the fact that we just finished a 9 year top level build on a Superformance GT40, we have decided that our direction for projects is taking a different path and the Stratos no longer fits. So with that said, let’s dive in.

The PO/builder installed a Honda D16A1 twin cam 4cyl with 5spd transmission. Although I have no documentation to prove it, I do believe this car ran/drove with this set up. Because the body/chassis is far from complete, it certainly wasn’t driven on the roads, but I do believe it ran and moved under its own power. The wiring is far from finished and there are many things not hooked up or completed. I have not put a battery to it to test operation, as I feared doing damage rather than diagnosis. Because of this, I will not make any claims as to condition of the installed Honda drive line. The vehicle does come with 2 complete wiring/fuel/evap diagram books/manuals if the new owner wishes to continue with the Honda driveline and finish what has already been started. Or, you can do as our plan was and remove everything and install an Alfa driveline. Headlight motors are installed and wired, as-is the windshield wiper motor. Headlights, tail lights and side markers are all wired. Although the dash, gauges, etc all have wiring to them, I cannot positively say that that wiring is done and/or complete. It would certainly need to be gone through to verify. Some changes would mostly likely have to be made if a different drive train was to be installed.

2 complete (new), custom built exhaust systems are included. The PO/builder apparently had the vision to make this a turbo, as two Garret M42 turbos are included. The exhaust systems do have down pipes to match the turbo, but no turbo exhaust manifold is present. Both exhaust systems are 2.5” and very well built. Matching exhaust tips are also included and the same build as the rest of the exhaust systems. Interesting side note here: the original photos we received when we purchased the car did not show these exhaust systems. It had a typical Stratos exhaust fitted. That exhaust did not convey and is not available. No explanation was ever given for the variance. Original photo available upon request. Car is set up with 4 lug hubs. Sits on Compomotive TS 501 15” Wheels. Front wheels are either 7.5” or 8” and the rears are 9.5” or 10”. Tires are currently in place, but they are nothing but garage rollers. Driver side rear tire separated and came apart after moving into my own garage and is now sitting on a space saver donut spare. All 4 Compomotive center caps are included. Wheels could stand to be restored. Passenger front wheel has the center cap retaining nut broken off into wheel and will need to be extracted. All 4 wheels do appear to be straight and true with no damage.

Front and rear brakes are operational; although they should be completely gone through as the car has been in storage since at least 2000. Front and rear suspension has been fitted, although it is not known what spring rates or dampers are installed. Steering rack is installed and operational. Pedal box is installed; brake and clutch are operational, as is accelerator (on this driveline). Parking brake is installed, but currently the cables are not connected to the handle.

Radiator and electric fans are installed, as is the wiring. Coolant pipes are run front to rear, although the rubber hoses should be replaced due to age. Coolant pipes at the engine would need to be replaced as SS wasn’t used so corrosion has set in. Although, if you are changing the driveline, that won’t be an issue.

Windshield glass is present and in perfect condition. After all the photos were taken for this ad, I did tape the glass down into the frame and then added a layer of cardboard on top to keep the glass safe. Door window plexi is present for driver and passenger door as well has the rail guides and handles. Rear glass or plexi didn’t come with the kit when we received it, so I am not sure what is needed there. Interior pieces include the firewall trim panel, 2 piece center console, door pockets, dash, gauges and seats. The seats have not fared well with the heat and time. Although they are complete, they will need complete recovering. No interior carpet is present.

The body is still in its bare gel coat. The fiberglass is in good condition with a few small areas needing repair/refinish when the body is fitted and finished. The group 4 rear clam shell is attached, but the hinges have been damaged and the body doesn’t close properly. It’s mostly on the driver’s side and can be seen in the photos. Both hinges have corrosion and should be replaced or repaired and restored. The gel coat is showing signs of age in places. Spider cracking and chips/scratches. All will be addressed when the body is prepped, nothing that will be an issue. I have shown the issues the best I can in the photos. The rear spoiler will need some fiberglass repair, as it has split and cracked on the driver side. Also shown in the up close photos. The front aluminum hood vents did sustain minor damage at some point, but the assembly will be able to be restored. It will need to be mildly straightened and riveted back together. The rear fiberglass louver is present and not broken. Front fiberglass rally light bar housing with cover and roof scoop are also present and undamaged.

This kit includes a Virgina Certificate of Title for a 1976 Lancia. No MSO is present or available. In Arizona, I would have transferred this Virginia title to Arizona and been done with it. But other states and/or countries are different, so I am leaving this open for the new owner to do it how it best suits them with their local regulations.

After taking the photos, I completely packed this car up with all its pieces and it is now 100% self-contained. Meaning everything that goes with the car is on or in the car. I have it strapped down on my open flat bed car trailer and stored, covered, inside my airplane hangar. I can deliver the car up to a radius of 400 miles in any direction from the Phoenix, AZ area (except into Mexico) for a reasonable fee. Transportation to any other locations will be completely up to the new owner.

In this situation, where I do not have any of the previous history of what happened before it got to me, I am doing my best to describe what’s available. I welcome any and all questions. Inspection in person is absolutely allowed and certainly recommended, so you know and understand 100% the condition of this kit.

We are asking $24,700 for this unfinished kit. As-is, where-is. Please feel free to contact me via email at

EMAIL for more info

EMAIL for more info